Rajasthan Rivers can be classified into three different varieties based on the pattern of drainage like the river which drains into the Arabian sea,  other one drains into the Bay of Bengal and the last one is inland drainage river. The important feature of the drainage system in Rajasthan is that around 60.2% of the land of the state has an inland drainage system. India’s largest state is Rajasthan, is located in the western part of the country and it covers a maximum area of the country. Here, are the list of rivers flowing in the Rajasthan.

1. Chambal River:

Chambal River is located in northern parts of  Rajasthan. It is one of the chief tributaries of the River Yamuna. It rises in the Range of  Vindhya certainly south of Mhow, western Madhya Pradesh state. It flows in the direction of the northeast and reaches Kota and along the Rajasthan–Madhya Pradesh border; shifting east-southeast, it makes a destiny of the Madhya Pradesh –Uttar Pradesh border and through Uttar Pradesh to mixes into the Yamuna river after travelling a 550-mile (900-km) course.

2. Banas River:

River Banas in Rajasthan state located exactly at northwestern India. It starts from  Kumbhalgarh and reaches the Aravalli Range by taking many cuts. Continuous flows in a northeasterly part onto the plains and joins the Chambal River, just north of Sheopur, after a course of 310 miles (500 km). The Banas is a periodical river that is frequently dry in the hot months, but it is nevertheless a beginning of flooding. Its main branches are the Kotari and rivers Berach.

3. Mahi River:

Mahi river origin is Minda Village in Dhar district Madhya Pradesh. It streams in western India parts. Its origin in the western Vindhya Range, just south of Sardarpur, and flows northward through Madhya Pradesh state.  Many of the peninsular rivers are flows and mixes in the Bay of Bengal.

4. Luni River:

Starts from the western slopes of the Range  Aravalli, it is exactly near Ajmer, it is also called as the Sagarmati, mainly river flows in the southwestward parts through the hills and over the fields of the states. It then enters a scrap of the wilderness before it eventually disappears into the swamps of the northeastern portion of the marsh called the Rann of  (Kutch) in Gujarat state in India.

5. Sabarmati River:

River Sabarmati is one of the significant rivers located in the western parts of India. It is a monsoon-fed river that begins in the range of Aravalli Rajasthan and has basin fields in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The river behind crossing a range of 400km matches the Gulf of Cambay. It runs regularly within Gujarat state lacking in its primary length of 9.5km.

Rajasthan is in the northwestern parts of India. Most hot and sunny location of India. Rajasthan people only know the value of water. Most of the River frequently get dried. But picturesque of lakes and rivers in Rajasthan make the tourist feel pleasant.