Being one of the largest states of India, Maharashtra presents tourist with an interesting spectrum of landscapes. What is distinct about Maharashtra is the rivers that Flow in the black soil regions. While all the rivers of India drain mostly into the Bay of Bengal, the rivers Narmada and Tapti drain into the Arabian Sea. The rift valleys that these rivers form create an interesting landscape that flows along the Vindhya and Satpura ranges. Most of these rivers travel at Central Maharashtra and these rivers form the biggest source of developing agriculture in the state. It might not be an exaggeration to say that most of the agriculture in Maharashtra, including but not limited to the abundance of cotton plantations thrive, only because of these rivers. The other crops include mangoes, grapes, banana, oranges, wheat, rice, jowar and bajra. However, Maharashtra is not just about these two rivers alone. There are a lot more rivers, major and minor, and some of them that my torch always is attributed to this state that graces this erstwhile kingdom of the Marathas. In this article, let us explore the different rivers that flow in the state of Maharashtra.

1.Godavari River:

The Godavari River begins from a condition close Nashik in Maharashtra, which is at the stature of 1,465 km. It keeps running overall around 1,465 km before happening to the Bay of Bengal. The Parvara, the Purna, the Manjra, the Penganga, the Wardha, the Wainganga, the Indravati, and the Kolab are the basic bits of the stream.

2.Krishna River:

The Krishna River begins from a condition with a climb of the 1337m heading of Mahabaleshwar. The Ghataprabha, the Malaprabha, the Bhima, the Tungabhadra,and the Musik are the fundamental branches following Krishna. Krishna Basin remains joining into three states with a territory of 258,948 km, which is about 8% of the whole land area of the country.

3.Tapi River:

Tapi River begins from a spot with a stature of 752m close Multai in the Betul area of Madhya Pradesh. It continues running for around 724 km are out coming into the Arabian Sea inside the Gulf of Cambay. The Purna, the Girna, the Panjhra, the Vaughan, the Bori, and the Aner are the major courses of Tapi. Tapi Basin continues in three states with over an errand of 65,145 km, which is in every way that really matters 2.0% of the entire geographic district of the country.

4.Narmada River:

The Narmada river flows through Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Chattisgargh. It occupies the land of around 98,786 The total area of the determined zone is 3%.  The length and width of the river are 923km and 161km. The stream firm length is around 1,312 km. Significantly 1079km in length.It streams through Madhya Pradesh and lodging in that state for around 1079km. The stream flows in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra for around 35km and 39km for Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is one of the major rivers in India and it is the split valley between west amidst Vindhya and Satpura Mountain.

There is an essential number of experience bases on Mumbai and Maharashtra, and the rivers are one among them. The occupants of Mumbai can get the amazingly significant week’s end break, to enjoy in the streams. River Rafting is one of the best activity for the adventure lover.