Kolkata is undoubtedly one of the most developed cities in the country. Not just that the place also has a lot of historical importance. Since it was a coastal city, a lot of rulers, including the British, showed a lot of interest in the city. Their influence is very much evident in many aspects, especially in the art and architecture of the place. We all know for a fact that Bengalis are known for their interest in the field of literature. In all of Bengal, Kolkata is the most important one as it is the capital of the state.

The astonishing metro which also the birthplace of King Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders and famous for Dada is more than just a normal metro. In terms of tourism, it attracts a lot of people from all over the globe every year. Even though there are many reasons for their travel, one of the predominant reasons is the rivers in Kolkata. It is a fact that the rivers in Kolkata play a very prominent role in attracting both domestic and international tourists. In this article, we will see in detail about the rivers in Kolkata.

1. The Ganges:


India is a country that is known for being very religious and being traditional. The reason for me saying this is that the Ganges plays a very important role in the country as it commands a lot of religious importance in Hinduism. It is believed that taking a bath in the Ganges will clean all the sins and the heart will become pure. At the same time its also one of the most polluted rivers in the entire country. It is the longest Transboundary river in Asia which flows through India and Bangladesh. The total length of the river is 2525 Km.

2. Hooghly River:


The Hooghly River is one of the important and also a very popular river that runs in Kolkata. One of the most important aspects of the Hooghly River is the Howrah Bridge. The total length of the river is almost 260 Km. This river plays a very important role in Kolkata as it is a major water source for the entire city. To be more specific, the Hooghly River is one of the distributaries of Ganges. The majestic Ganges actually splits into two which are the Padma and the Hooghly in Giria. This river is now a tourist spot where there are a lot of exciting activities like boat rides and a lot more.

3. Adi Ganga:


The Adi Ganga river is referred with various names. Some of them include Gobindapur Creek, Surman’s Nullah and Tolly’s Tallulah. It is said that is was the main flow of the Hooghly River from the 15th century to the 17th century. As days passed because of various natural calamities and also human actions, the river eventually dried up. The total length of the river is about 75 km. Even though it was a very small river, it served as a major water resource for many places around it.

4. Haldi River:


Many say that Hooghly is a very small river but can you imagine that there is a tributary river from Hooghly. Haldi is actually a tributary of Hooghly River. It is a very small river which is about 24 Km. The river flows through Purba Medinipur district. For years together this river has served as the major water resource for both irrigation and domestic purposes. Comparing to most of the rivers in the country this river is very much less contaminated. The main reason being there is no big industries nearby and people are also putting their effort to preserve it.

5. Matla River:


Matla River is one of the kinds of rivers that do not fall under the definition of a normal river. There various aspects of the river that sets it apart from the rest. One of the main aspects is that it forms the estuary in and around Sundarbans in the Parganas District. The mainstream of the river is split into to two very near to Purandar. One of the arms passes through Kultali-Garanbose the other one is the one that is seen in the Sundarbans. The river by itself is an absolute treat to watch.

6. Piyali River:


Payali River is also one of the river is the South Parganas District. One more common thing about Matla River and Piyali River is that both of them run around the Sundarbans. The total length of the river is around 14 Km. One of the biggest twists when it comes to Piyali River is that it might seem like it is separating itself from the stream and forming a separate one but it again joins the Bamanghata. It flows through the south and southwest till it joins the river. If you take up the total length the distance that it covers is almost 32 km.

7. Muri Ganga River:


Muri Ganga River is actually a distributary of Hooghly which also runs in the South Parganas district. The point where the river ends up in the Bay of Bengal is an absolute treat to watch. Not many people know this Hooghly River actually bifurcates into two distributaries. One of the channels actually passes through the east Sagar Island and the other channel is called as the Barataria. It is also referred to as the Channel Creek. This Channel is locally referred to as the Muri Ganga.

8. Jamuna River:


Jamuna River is a very small river which has a total length of 12 Km. It is actually the tributary of the Ichamati River. The river which was once the main water resource for all of the districts around it now is almost dried up. Only during the monsoons that you will be able to see some stagnant water in certain areas. Like most of the rivers, it is still surviving with underground waters.