In Kerala, there are around 44 rivers and mostly all the river starts from the Western Ghats as the stream, later joined by a head over into the vast river. It starts flowing towards westwards and merged in the Arabian Sea or in the backwaters of Kerala. Most of the rivers are changed into streams because of waste usage. Still, this river-tributary and distributary system is extended and lavish on the beloved green beauty of Kerala. It serves as a means of deluge waterways in Kerala and hydro-electric power station. Due to rainfed, many of the rivers turned into streams or straightforward riverbeds are formed during the summer season.

1. Periyar River:

Must visiting places in Kerala is Periyar river to get more refreshment. The Periyar river is surrounded by astonishing greenery and exceptional natural beauty. This attractive hill station grasps the considerable opportunity for sightseers. It is the best places to explore in Periyar are Wildlife Sanctuary. There you can explore and coddle yourself in bird watching. The most thrilling jungle safari through Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary gives you more exploit. In wildlife sanctuary go for a walk to the forest of Thekkady. You can explore and discover yourself in the trekking to the huge landscape in Periyar.

2. Bharathapuzha:

Many famous temples are located in the riverbeds of Bharathapuzha. The river has more ancient significance too. The oppose would stop only when all the fellows of one batch die. It was initially a commerce fair-minded but suit a setting declaring fairness of the individual leaders. Due to graspings and excavate, the river is steadily dying.

3. Pampa River:

It is the 3rd largest river. It starts from the cold Pulachimala Hill. It is situated 1650m above sea level in Peermedu plateau. It flows through areas such as Ranni, Kozhencherry, Pathanamthitta and so on. Lastly went into the Great Vembanad Lake. The Pampa river present to the farming deep pocket of Kuttanad. It is also known as the rice bowl of Kerala. The holy places of Sabarimala of Lord Shastha (Ayyappan) which raffle millions of believer stands on its rocky bank. The Pampa river bath is a must before going for a “darshan of the Lord”. Many examine it equal to the Ganga.

4. Manimala River:

Starts from the Muthavara hills. This river flows through Pathanamthitta and Kottayam, merges in Pumba near Thiruvalla. Finally, it reaches the  Vembanad Lake. The river beds are in the north of Pampa river basin. At the convergence of both rivers was an ancient port Niranam. The river starts to go through the midland plains. It gives the awesome gift of water to the people.


Go for a walk with instruction by a guide to the forest of Kerala. Here, you can explore the vast landscapes by trekking. Stroke your taste buds with the good of Kerala waters and pickles; also try the tasty foods and snacks prepared from each of the different types of Banana. Additionally, in Kerala, one will surely become an addict of chips. You can also examine and see enormous but elephants around.