When you overhear the name Karnataka, the images that spring to everyone’s mind are that of various beaches, mountains, rivers, getaways, and hill stations. It is the famous tourist spot in India and tourist from all over the world to stare at its goddess. One of the utmost allure in Karnataka is its many rivers that add extra awesomeness to the charming knockout of the state.

1. Cauvery River :

The Kaveri river is commonly known as Cauvery. It is one of the vast and longest rivers in South India. The birth of this river is unconventional in the Kodagu district of Karnataka that is fringed by the awesomeness of peaks. The Streams starts to flow from south to east; from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu state. It ends in the Bay of Bengal. Holidaymakers coming to Karnataka should explore and relish the beauty of mother nature that it add some energy.

2. Bhadra River :

When your visit to Badravati, don’t forget to explore the Bhadra River that starts from Gangamoola alongside Kudremukh. The chilly and uplift out-turn of the nearby region is one to be skilful in person. Sightseekers comes here to relish the calmness of this spot, and it is also a classic place to hang out with your favourite ones.

3. Kabini River

Kabini River that starts from Wayanad district of Kerala. This river is put in place by the convergence of the Mananthavady River and the Panamaram River. Kabini river is also called as Kabani or Kapila and is pre-eminent for conserve the ecosystem of the Kabini Forest Reserve. Kabini Dam that was established in this river in 1974. It is located in closeness to Beechanahalli village and is smoothly approachable from Heggadadevanakote. When a trip to Kabini river, try to visit  Nagarhole National Park, a recommended site of the Asian elephants.

4. Sangama River :

Sangama river is put in place by the convergence of the Arkavati and the Cauvery. It drifts along a  gorge, so straint that you would reflect can hurdle across it! It is a good scenic spot with your friends and family for relishing more fun amongst the awesomeness of nature.

5. Gurupura River  :

The Gurupura River also known as Phalguni River or Kulur River emerges in the western peaks and merges into the Arabian Sea at Mangalore. The name ’Gurupura’ gets from the town Gurupura that is located near Mangalore. Once upon the time, it is the northern boundary of Mangalore during the kings period. Today, it is a favourite picnic site for family and friends.


The Karnataka rivers as the major attraction for its beauty and wildlife exploit in the country. In Karnataka many rivers that flow through the different parts of the state. It does not just create impressive to the travellers, but also a key interpretation into farming activities, heritage, and lives of people that are parasites on these lavish rivers.