One of the most beautiful aspects of nature is River. It solves most of the water necessity. Rivers provide freshwater and that is essential for many purposes like drinking, washing and cleaning, etc. Without River, human life will come to an end. Several rivers start their journey in the rainy season or when snow or ice in the mountains starts melting. Rivers increase their reach when other little streams combine them. Every river has a legend connected to it. Some are loved, thought goddesses and even maintained as nature’s wonder.

Importance of rivers

Rivers provide fresh Drinking water, It is an important source of food, Rivers are Fun we can do swimming and boating on a river, the rivers provide habitat for birds, frogs and Wildlife. Rivers are the perfect spot to see the various species.

Jordan River


The Jordan River is one of the largest water resources in Israel. From 50,000,000 cubic meters of water receives Jordan. The river has two parts, The southern part exits from the sea of Galilee and it runs through the Dead Sea. The Northern is the most mountainous part drops through the north of the sea Galilee close to Beit Saida. It is approximately 320 km of length This River in the Middle East, It begins from Anti-Lebanon ranges at the meeting of the Dan, Hasbani and Baniyas rivers. The water moves into Sea of Galilee, Israel and drains into the dead sea. This River covered with greenish forest and it gives an impressive scenic view. Jordan is most of the nature lovers favorite place.  

Benefits of Jordan

More industrial growth,  populations Growth and also develop the necessary for water from the Sea of Galilee to move toward the Jordan River. The natural resources with the spiritual importance of the river, a modern tourism scheme, instructing the public about the history and natural elegance of the river.

Wildlife and vegetation

Rich vegetation and wildlife are most famous in the land of Jordan. The best season for Jordanian flora is Spring. For this season (from February to May)  many areas are covered with an impressive collection of flowering plants. An approximately  2000 species of plants originate in Jordan, and nature of the country‚Äôs topography and the environment is reflected in the difference of its vegetation. Most of the species depend massively on the winter rains. The mountains of Jordan host forests of hardwood and pine, as well as and cinnabar and pistachio trees. Eucalyptus, Olive and cedar trees are mostly growing while the uplands and the Jordan Valley. On the dry climate of Jordan is beneficial for scrub trees. Because it requires less water. The Species of shrubs can be seen everywhere all the terrestrial areas of Jordan. And the seawater, while, host plenty of marine life including Sea cucumber, Shrimps, Starfishes and many varieties fish and some worms which burrow into the sandy sea bottom. A family of sea grasses can be found in the shallow waters, presenting both food and safety to the fishes which inhabit the area.

What else in the Are

The Yardenit is a crossing road for many travelers. Most of the good places near the sea of Galilee, like Tabgha, Capernaum and the mount of Beatitudes.  The Sea of Galilee and Tiberias is very close to Jordan and the best place to visit and the Kibbutz Ginosar is also just 10 minutes away from Yardenit. So, you can spend some time in this place. Jordan has many sites to see and including to visit to make your holiday in Israel memorable.

Visitors facilities in Jordan

Guests have more services accessible in Jordan. Like a floating house, the rooms with bathroom, lounge and all necessary room and hardware. For guest, they have unique designs locally available. These trips are an astonishing opportunity to connect with genuine nearby residents from close towns or with families taking the important wild and to set some minute in a one of a kind area among the wild nature. In the races of Jordan leads on a frequent number of animal species. Additionally, to see the crocodiles. The benefits for angling are unrealistic, and after that, the workforce may cook your catch at your energy and taste. Also, there are sentimental meals and evenings in the floating house. Parking facilities are available on Jordan and that is most useful for the long distanced visitors.

Jordan River is stunningly beautiful, and this river is an excellent place for who addict in nature. If you are planning to spend your vacation in a cooling place then Jordan is the best choice. Don’t miss to visit this river. You should spend some time with your friends & family. This Jordan river is one of the unforgettable trips.